Lutron and Home Automation

Posted on October 27, 2022

Lutron is a leader in light control and an innovator in home automation technologies. Joel Spire emerged in 1959 with the first dimmer that fit in a home light switch, bringing controlled lighting out of theaters and into the home. Maintaining the industry lead, Spire forged from 1959 expanding from 2 products to 15,000. Quality and innovation keep this company on the cutting edge of progression in light control.

Lutron principles

Since founder Spira first penned the principles which guide this company, Lutron has adhered to and experienced the success of following his wisdom. The principles the company embodies are:

  1. Care of the customer by providing superior goods and services.
  2. Care of the company through growth and innovative development.
  3. Care of the people through employee development and company contribution.
  4. Innovate with high-quality products.
  5. Deliver value to the customer.

These principles underlie the business decisions of Lutron and result in recognition and customer satisfaction. Exceptional service is a hallmark of this company which offers 24-hour technical support and friendly customer service. This ethic pays honor to the man who claimed a radical idea to vary the intensity of light at his home in 1959.

Light control

Light control regulates the level and quality of light a customer desires for specific tasks or to create ambiance. Spira laid the groundwork for home lighting control. Lutron innovation continues to impact all home automation systems. From the basic products to integrative systems, Spira’s company takes this concept to a level hardly imagined by many.

Lutron’s products control fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and LED light sources. Even daylight submits to Lutron control through the use of automated shades. Electric lighting and daylight are integrated with wired and wireless systems to create a multitude of home environments.

These products range from simple dimmers to whole house or building lighting control systems. Both the commercial and residential markets benefit from Lutron innovation. Key features include:

  • Dimming which controls the quantity of light.
  • Dynamic lighting allowing for the color of LED light to be adjusted using dynamic lighting strategies.
  • Daylight harvesting utilizing window shades integrated with dimmers to balance electric and daylight.
  • Total light control offering sensors and systems to adjust a home’s light throughout the day.

Integrative systems

Combined with other technologies, lighting control advances to another level. Sophisticated systems like the RadioRA 2 store personalized settings allowing a customer to customize the lighting scheme in any space. Creating a mood requires pressing a single button.

Also, integrating lighting control products with home security systems like HomeWorks QS adds to the safety and protection of those residing there. Combined with the RadioRA 2 lighting control, the resulting system strengthens home protection efforts. Integration with thermostats allows for temperature regulation.

With Lutron, gone are the days of flipping a switch or turning a dimmer. Light control and integrated systems are regulated via a smartphone, device, even an Apple watch with Caseta Wireless. Adjustments to lighting, temperature and mood can be made at home or while away. Doors can be unlocked without fumbling for keys before exiting the car. Home temperature can be warmed or cooled heading back from vacation.


Still in the business of innovation, Lutron advances in Smart Grid technology. This system allows for two-way communication between homeowner and utility company. The further development of this system enables customers to know how much electricity is being used, when it is being used and how much it costs. Also, the system works to decrease energy demands during peak hours and thereby manages a home’s energy use and costs.

The footprint of Lutron is far-reaching and expanding as innovation increases. Lutron light controls reduce electrical consumption by 9.2 billion kWh annually. This data translates into customer savings of $1 billion annually on electric bills. The energy efficient nature of Lutron products equates to incentives and rebates from utilities, energy efficiency programs, EPAct tax incentives and federal stimulus monies.

Lutron products offer superior light control in both intensity and color. Using high quality, personalized products that control light,  Lutron reduces energy costs by using light where and when it is needed. Comfort is increased as the customer’s mood dictates the amount and color of light. Safety and security increase as timed lighting creates visual changes inside and outside the home.

An authorized programmer and installer is required on Lutron systems. Education and training hold high value to Lutron with respect to technicians. The company desires that its products operate well for its customers providing the optimal experience during installation and after the system is in place. Home Cinema Center is an authorized retailer and level 2 programmer and installer of Lutron products and systems. Level 2 is currently the highest level of training.

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