Is Home Automation Worth The Investment?

Posted on October 27, 2022

The short answer? Generally, yes.  This is a broad question, however, that greatly depends on what aspects of the home you are automating. Home automation technology has skyrocketed and it is overwhelming how many things can be automated as well as the cost. If you want home automation to be worth the investment, consider automating the following things within your home.


Heating and cooling are some of the biggest expenses homeowners face. Energy efficiency is one of the aspects most home owners are looking to control as much as possible. Automating your heating and cooling systems can provide huge savings in the long run and are definitely worth the initial investment. Your thermostat can be set not only to control itself using predetermined settings, but can also be controlled by you remotely.


Lighting is another major source of energy that a household deals with. Current technology allows lights to be turned on and off according to settings and remotely as well. Leaving your kitchen light on when you leave the house in the morning can be solved by a simple touch of your phone scree. Automating your home lighting can not only ensure that the lights aren’t being left on when you do not wish them to be, but that they can also come on when you want them to as well, for example, if you went on vacation and wanted to have them come on in the evening to look like you are home.

Energy efficient automation is worth the investment and definitely a big plus for buyers looking to go green and/or save money on monthly utility bills.

Moisture Damage Prevention

Water damage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a home. For a small initial investment into automation, there are moisture and humidity sensors that can detect problems when they begin, before they become larger problems and disasters. Water leak sensors can be installed near any appliances, sinks, or toilets around the home and will alert you the moment they come in contact with water. Restoration professionals can cost you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars if a major water leak occurs. Automating your home with sensors to detect water and moisture is an excellent investment that can save you lots of money in the future.


Security features can not only provide you with piece of mind, but are also excellent for resale value. This is another area of automation where you can go from a very basic system to an intricate one, depending on your needs and the area in which you live. Security systems can range from smart locking systems to complete surveillance systems.

Smart locks are locks that can replace having to use keys. Instead of your traditional lock and key set up, smart locks allow you to unlock your doors using your smart phone. These digital keys can be permanently activated on your phone, as well as given temporarily to others and retracted at any time.

Surveillance systems also no longer feature a bunch of TVs in a little room of your home like you see in the movies. Modern systems are relatively inexpensive as well. Now, home surveillance systems can be acquired for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. The feed from your cameras goes directly to your smartphone, allowing you to view what is going on in your home from anywhere in the world. Not only is a surveillance system an excellent deterrent for criminals and an aid in catching them were something to happen, they are also a way to spy on your pets!

Overall, there are numerous flashy systems in your home that can be automated. To be worth the investment, however, they have to protect the home or provide other benefits that all homeowners look for. Energy efficiency, security, and damage prevention are just three of the areas in which home automation is worth the investment

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