Creating The Perfect Home Theater System

Posted on October 27, 2022

For those of you that has experienced the perfect home theater system, you know there’s nothing that compares to the entertaining experience. What makes the home theater experience great? Is it the equipment or something more?

When going to the movies, it isn’t so much about the movie as it is about the full experience. Why else would you pay $12 per ticket and $30 for concessions? It’s about the people you’re with, the delicious food, and the experience of enjoying entertainment with friends or family. There is a growing trend, however, for people to install home theater systems. It is becoming much more cost effective to set up your own system now than ever before. To get you started on setting up your own full immersive home theater system, here is a small overview of some things to think about in order to create the perfect home theater set up.

It’s All About the Room

There are a few options to consider for your theater room. For instance, will it be a separate room? Or will you integrate the home theater system into your living or sitting room? Whichever you decide, it’s a good idea to paint the room a nice neutral dark or medium dark color. This will help to evoke the feeling of a real theater setting. And think about acoustics as well! A lot of actual movie theaters have heavy curtains or drapes as well as thick carpeting to help keep the theater’s sound in and the outside noises out.

Choose the Best Surround Sound

A 7.1 surround sound system is considered one of the best home systems to have and to help create that full theater experience in the comfort of your own home. And while you are looking for sound systems, consider how to integrate them into your chosen space. Do you want the speakers to stand out, or blend in? There are countless possibilities no matter what you want. There is also a popular trend to have ceiling-mounted speakers which saves on valuable shelf/floor space. But be sure to carefully evaluate your space to make sure that full surround sound is doable. Especially depending on your budget, you may need to concern yourself with inconvenient wiring or an expensive alternative of wireless or Bluetooth speakers. So assess and plan accordingly to your space. Sometimes just acquiring a decent sound bar and subwoofers is enough.


When you watch a film, you’ll want to be comfortable. This addresses the seating, as well as screen/television positioning. It just depends on what you enjoy sitting on. Some people enjoy lovesick big enough for four adults, and some people like oversized leather chairs with cupholders. You also need to evaluate your space to determine where you will place your projector screen or television. If you have to look up for even short periods of time, it can put a great deal of strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. The ideal is to be eye level/in line with the top third of the screen so you are looking forward and not up.

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