Are you Considering Multi Zone Products For Your Home?

Posted on October 27, 2022

When building or designing our homes there are a large number of things we take into account. Coloring, floorplans, the feel, the atmosphere, just to name a few. There is, however, one of the senses that we tend to neglect in this planning and design stage however, and that’s the audible. Sounds can echo, they can detract, but with coordination and planning, sounds can be in all the places you want them, and be changed from moment to moment to reflect the day’s mood in your home.

If, like many of us, this appeals to you, consider trying out Multi-Zone products for your home. The intention behind these products is to cultivate independent audio and/or video signals to the different parts of your home or through your entire house. This is much more than just linking speakers up and placing them in another room.  With a multi-zone receiver, you have the ability play surround sound in your home theater, while at the same time, simultaneously running another signal in another room, like a CD or online radio service like Pandora. Rather than creating a clash when you have multiple people living in a house, Multi-Zone products allow you to have your audio flow seamlessly when you have it built into your home, into the walls and ceilings.

These products generally feature remotes that allow you to control both, or more, zones independently, turning them on or off, handling their volume, and as well as the source of the audio. Some Multi-Zone products not only allow you to flow your audio, but your video as well, however, while you may be able to access high-definition in your main zone/main room, other rooms may only connect using analog stereo or analog video connections. Some higher-end receivers can still connect in Zone 2 with HDMI output, although it’s important to check it out before you purchase.

When it comes to planning your home audio system, if you’ve the means, then Multi-Zone receivers should be your ends. To learn more about audio and what will best fit your home, visit us today at our website.

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