6 Home Automation Tips From The Pros

Posted on October 27, 2022

Is your home smart enough? Today, we’re talking home automation and all the great cool features you can have with a home automation system.

There are some gadgets that have amazing features available on the market that allow you to control everything in your home from one device. Most of these services and devices utilize Z-Wave technology, a wireless communication protocol that uses low power RF signals to allow for remote control of various household items. Here are 6 home automation tips to get you started.

  1. You Can Lock & Unlock Doors With Your Mind: In a smart home, your door can automatically unlock when you approach, and locks behind you when you leave the house. Also, you never have to wait around for service providers, leave keys in your secret spot, or give spare keys to your neighbors. This is because you can lock or unlock your door to let other people in with a simple tap of a button in the free SmartThings app for iOS or Android–wherever you are.
  2. You Can Automate Your Lights & Control Them From Anywhere: Smart lights can save you money and secure your home by automatically reacting to your daily routines and preferences. You can set your lights to brighten slowly when you want to wake up, turn on when you’re away to make it look like someone is home, turn off automatically when you leave the house, and so much more.
  3. You Can Save Money on Energy Bills: Don’t sweat your monthly energy bill again. By automatically turning down your thermostat, your A/C unit, or your portable heater when you’re away, you can help yourself by saving money. You can set a smart thermostat or portable heating/cooling unit to adjust to an individual level whenever different events take place–such as when you leave home. And to make sure that you always step back into a comfortable crib, you can also adjust your home’s temperature from your phone whenever you want–like, when you’re leaving work to come home each day.
  4. You Can Prevent a Small Leak from Causing a Disaster: We know that a minor leak can quickly escalate into devastating damage–it’s why we started SmartThings in the first place. In a smart home, you can get an immediate alert whenever excess water is detected where it doesn’t belong. And by notifying you of the problem, you can address the issue or call a neighbor or family member to prevent a headache from costing you a fortune.
  5. You Can Stay Connected to Your Family: Checking in with those who matter most should be an easy process, now it can be. Just as you use your cell phone to check in with friends and family on social media and text, now you can use your smartphone to check quickly and effortlessly in on family members and pets. Know when kids come home from school each day, when cars arrive in the driveway, or when pets unexpectedly leave the house.
  6. You Can Protect Your Children When You’re Not There: As a parent, you’d love to be there to watch your children’s every move. This is where a smart home comes in handy. Since home security should expand inside your home, home automation allows you to protect your family by monitoring and securing dangerous and off-limit areas. Get immediate alerts if children open things like cleaning supply cabinets, medicine drawers, or gun cases.

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