ISF Calibration

Home Cinema Center in Novato are your ISF Calibration experts. Many customers today buy televisions from local big box stores, not knowing that what they get out of the box, is not the optimum picture quality. HCC saves the day with our ISF calibration services. Get the most out of your brand new flat screen with our expert service.

Why is video calibration important?

  • Shipping, initial aging and environment can all negatively affect picture quality.
  • Manufacturers adjust their models to look best in retail stores.
  • Without professional calibration equipment, HDTV adjustments are mostly guesswork.
  • HCC calibrates your HDTV with professional testing equipment, to get the most life-like HD experience.
  • HCC ensures peak performance.
  • Visit our Showroom to experience isf.

What are the benefits of ISF calibration?

  • The most accurate image and color.
  • Clear and sharp image.
  • Better life expectancy from your TV.
  • Better and deeper blacks.
  • Full detail in darkest and brightest scenes.
  • A picture that is easier on your eyes.

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