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Sonos Wireless Music System – Meet the Future of Music

  For decades, if you wanted to listen to music in your house, you had basically two options: the first was to tune into the radio, and the second was to have a boombox or stereo placed in a strategic location. Nowadays, however, you can incorporate your music list into your home theater system, which [...]

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6 Home Automation Tips From The Pros

Is your home smart enough? Today, we're talking home automation and all the great cool features you can have with a home automation system. There are some gadgets that have amazing features available on the market that allow you to control everything in your home from one device. Most of these services and devices utilize [...]

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Lutron and Home Automation

Lutron is a leader in light control and an innovator in home automation technologies. Joel Spira emerged in 1959 with the first dimmer that fit in a home light switch, bringing controlled lighting out of theaters and into the home. Maintaining the industry lead, Spira forged from 1959 expanding from 2 products to 15,000. Quality [...]

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Home Automation Tiburon

A Home Automation Tiburon system from Home Cinema Center puts your home to work for you. These systems allow you to control your home's lighting, climate control, security system and all other home conveniences with the touch of a button. We're proud to feature Home Automation Tiburon - Belvedere and control systems from top brands. [...]

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