Home Automation in Fairfax 

Home Cinema Center smart home automation provides professional solutions for your home theater and automation needs. Our consulting, installation, and equipment are all of the highest quality. The secret to our success is that we come to your home and look at all of the things that will make your home theater installation a success, such as lighting, motorized shades, wireless music system, security and surveillance and control systems. Don’t settle for second best – Call us TODAY! We understand your needs and are here to help. The in-home consulting services we provide will place the right automation system into your home. Since we’re located in Fairfax, we’re able to provide follow-up service to your system in a timely manner.

State-of-the-art Home Theater Installation

Based on your preference and home-style, HCC can create a beautiful home theatre catered to you. We can create a committed private cinema in which the ambiance is precisely engineered and designed to bestow utmost music and movie enjoyment. Your room is segregated from outside commotion with notable acoustic treatments and audio is optimized with measured speaker placement.

How HCC’s Home Automation Can Benefit You?

Every Fairfax home has the ability to modernize itself through automation which allows the homeowners take full control of the amount of energy being consumed. With the ability to control the lighting and temperature of your home, you can cut down your annual utility expenses and increase your home value.

Home Automation Brands We Carry

We offer only the very best Home Automation and Control products and brands including Sonos, Klipsch, Lutron Radio RA2, Lutron Caseta Wireless, URC Total Control, URC Remote, Marantz, SONY HDTV/ULTRA HD, and SONY Front Projectors.

Security and Surveillance

With HCC you can automate your home security and surveillance, creating a total security system by integrating security features such as alarms and CCTV surveillance cameras with other home automation functions, such as lighting control.

During the night, with just the press of a button on your iPhone or iPad, you can lock all your home’s doors automatically, turn on exterior night lights and activate security cameras and motion sensors. We also provide video surveillance capabilities via Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad touch that offers you a complete visual check of your home or office interior and exterior while you’re away.

Lutron Light Control & Shades

With HCC’s Lutron shading system you can now automatically program your home’s temperature and shading as per your specifications and needs. Sivoia QS is the next generation of shading technology from Lutron and the perfect solution for total light control. It offers accurate control of shades in your entire home or building, multiple rooms or just one room one room all at the touch of a button. Lutron window Sivoia QS drapes can be controlled from your home’s main control system or from your iPhone and iPad. They can be programmed to open or close and change position automatically any time of the day and as many times as you want.

Fairfax residents looking for energy savings, home security, and home automation should turn to Home Cinema Center. HCC smart home systems combine industry-leading in-house monitoring response times, energy savings, and the peace of mind you and your family deserve. We are North America’s leading smart home company, providing home automation and security systems to millions of customers, including many Fairfax residents.

To get a glimpse of what we offer, don’t forget visiting our PORTFOLIO section. You can also give us a call at 415.897.6217 or 415.892.5509 to know more.