Home Automation and installation service in Cotati

What’s the point of using smart home technology if it is not making your life better and easier? This is exactly what we at Home Cinema Center (HCC) can help you achieve. We can protect, monitor and modernize your Cotati home from every aspect. To begin with, our smart home security gives you a simple yet effective way to stay connected to your residence even when you’re away. No matter how far you are from your home, you can still enjoy complete peace of mind with 24/7. Our best-in-class automated camera and alarm system that can help you stay a step ahead during emergency. All of these automation systems are user friendly and fully integrated which adds safety and convenience to your life with effortlessly. Whether it’s home surveillance, window shades, energy management, climate control, or even lighting systems, you’re in total control with just a touch of a button.

Home Cinema Center – Services & Solutions

Customer satisfaction and fulfilling their requirement is our primary goal. Hence we have come up with a wide range of services for all of your technology and home automation needs. Ranging from new construction to customization jobs, our certified and expert technicians are well-trained and equipped to handle any project irrespective of the size. We offer your tailor made services that stay in accordance to your distinct need and will also supervise all the aspects of your project from the very beginning just to ensure total attention to all the functional aspects of your system. Even if you have a problem with the budget or space, we’ll help you find the appropriate solutions for your space whether it’s an existing or a new construction.

Lutron Motorized Window Shades

The Lutron motorized window shades from the house of HCC stands out from any other window shades available in the market. Unmatched in its caliber to offer beauty, luxury, and quality, this shades can be programmed as per your needs by just a touch of a button. Lutron window Sivoia QS drapes offer a wide variety of fabric colors and textures, for you to customize your design. These ultra-modern window coverings can be programmed to open or close and change automatically any time of the day as per you wish. At the touch of a button, shades operate in perfect sync, and you can even control them remotely from anywhere in the world from your iPhone and iPad. Now that’s what I call convenience!

HCC Gives You Reliable Home Networks And Business

Creating a reliable home network for your home and business is easier than even with HCC’s state-of-art Home Networking Automation services. Our dedicated team of home network will design and install a Wi-Fi solution that caters to your requirements. Plus, we’ll provide you with an enterprise level home networking solution which is quicker and much more reliable than any other service provider. Now enjoy seamless connections with all your favorite gadgets conveniently. In case you are facing some issues in any particular room in your residence with little to no signal, just schedule an appointment TODAY and our representatives will be there for a consultation. Fret not; as our certified experts have years of networking experience so you will not feel that dissatisfaction ever again.

At HCC we are always focused to provide you the best support and service for all of your Home Automation needs in and around Cotati. Explore our services today and experience your living room like never before! Rest assured, the luxury of your own home will surely surprise anyone who would set forth inside. Also, our smart security system will give you complete peace of mind to you and your family.

To know more about our deliverables, you can visit our website and get a glimpse of our works done in the portfolio section. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then feel free give us a call at 415.897.6217 or 415.892.5509 and we’ll take care of the rest.